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Security Statement

The security of your private information is one of our highest priorities at Armenian Diaspora Foundation. We are employing all the same technological measures as your favorite online store, bank, or trading site. When you access secured areas of the Armenian Diaspora Foundation website, our security systems automatically protect your communications through server authentication and data encryption.

While we are doing all that we can to safeguard the transmission of your data, you should also take your own precautions. The most effective way to protect yourself is through effective password management. In plain English, this means DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD either intentionally or unintentionally. Never write your password down where someone else may find it. Change your password often and make sure that you do not use common words. Avoid obvious passwords such as your last name or phone number. Instead, opt for combinations of numbers and letters such as your birthday combined with your pet’s name or your street name plus the jersey number of your favorite athlete.