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Welcome to Armenian Diaspora Foundation

The Armenian Diaspora Foundation (ADF) is an apolitical, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For a nominal $25 monthly membership fee, members are able to propose and vote on projects for the betterment of Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora.

The proceeds from membership fees directly fund member proposed projects. ADF is a centralized platform that connects all Armenians, Armenian businesses, and Armenian non-profits worldwide.



ADF Feed includes all current activities and updates.


Submit, view and vote on projects.


Members to participate in open forum discussions and vote on project.


Explore groups and communities to find one that you connect with.


Calendar of all community and social events.


Post and view job listings.

All about ADF Projects

Subscription with ADF includes a standard user or member. Becoming a “Standard User” is free with limited involvement.  Subscribing as a “Member” is $25 / month, which will give you full access to the site with maximum involvement. This includes: presenting projects, participating in forum discussions, voting on projects, and becoming a committee member according to your profession. The membership fees are applied to fund projects, which are presented by members only and directly benefit Armenia or the Armenian Diaspora. All projects presented by members are first reviewed by the organization’s board members to ensure compliance with ADF’s constitution and mission statement. The projects are then discussed in a forum after which members vote. Projects which receive 75% or more of the votes are approved and executed. Third-party audit companies oversee the finances and full transparency is provided to all members. Only non-profits can receive funding for projects.